The bike kinda builds itself,
all I do is put it together.

The contents of this blog is a record of work carried out by the author and other third party information and pictures gleaned from various sources on the internet. It is published for academic interest and entertainment only. It is neither suggested or intended that any work or modifications shown here are to be carried out by any party reading the blog.

The Hitchcock Rigid Conversion

Mission Statement

This blog has been set up as a record of my attempt to build a cool Bobber style bike out of the Royal Enfield Bullet. With the cost of genuine early British and American bikes and parts spiralling upwards in the face of the current global economic climate, building a retro style custom is rapidly becoming cost prohibitive. Initially, there will be a period of accruing parts and information as the bike I intend to re-create is my daily rider.
I have heard so many horror stories about the Indian made Bullet from people who's mate used to have one, that I have lost count. All I can say is that I have covered over 20,000 miles on mine in the last three and a half years, and feel happy that it is quite capable of doing another 20.
So if you like the idea or just curious, you are welcome to come along for the ride.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Feeling a bit of a fraud......

When I started this blog I was full of grandiose ideas of how I was going to build a cool custom Bullet. Those of you that follow this blog, whom I thank, are waiting for some action, I appreciate that. As you are aware the hardtail, or lack of, has really halted any progress.
I still have no date from Hitchcock's and no reply from Briz at Custom Cycle Developments, I have just mailed Allan Hitchcock again for a sit rep, fingers crossed on that.
With all the down time and lack of tangible stuff to post I have been scouring the web for pics and stuff from elsewhere relating to custom Bullets. Apart from the stuff being built in India, where they seem to be going down an OCC type of road, there really seems to be very little being done out there. This makes it all the more important to get this thing moving in a forward direction again.
The world is our small bi-valved mollusc my friends, if we could only get the bloody shell open.
Keep The Faith


  1. You aint travelling down a busy street here mate... its not even a well trod footpath!!, your bound to have periods of aparent inactivity, keep up the good stuff and it will happen in its own time

    you aint buying and bolting on here mate, ;)

  2. Cheers for that ol' chum. Not really spoilt for choices that is a fact.

  3. Stick with it mate. Good things come to those who wait!!

    Cheers - Shirty

  4. I know all about waiting... and a good thing has come to me!