The bike kinda builds itself,
all I do is put it together.

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The Hitchcock Rigid Conversion

Mission Statement

This blog has been set up as a record of my attempt to build a cool Bobber style bike out of the Royal Enfield Bullet. With the cost of genuine early British and American bikes and parts spiralling upwards in the face of the current global economic climate, building a retro style custom is rapidly becoming cost prohibitive. Initially, there will be a period of accruing parts and information as the bike I intend to re-create is my daily rider.
I have heard so many horror stories about the Indian made Bullet from people who's mate used to have one, that I have lost count. All I can say is that I have covered over 20,000 miles on mine in the last three and a half years, and feel happy that it is quite capable of doing another 20.
So if you like the idea or just curious, you are welcome to come along for the ride.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Front End Frolics

Went over and borrowed the reproduction Triumph 3HW girders this morning to offer up. It turns out the stem is not long enough for the headstock, so it's a non-starter without re-engineering. If anybody wants any dimensions or detailed pics drop me a line, they will be here for the next week.

Time for another look at the teles then, the two inch extensions were removed from the top of the legs and the yokes dropped. The legs were clamped on the bottom yoke only to take a look see. Amazing the difference two inches here and there can make, pulling the front down loses the chopper/trail bike look. It will mean getting two shorter adaptor slugs made up or the original modified but this could be the way forward. Sorry Steve.

Fitted the alloy front plates to make sure all was good there, popped straight on and look the part, so a bit of a result there then.


  1. thats lookin much better mate... i'd even try another inch drop... but 100 times better already... keep going

    and yeah i'd love some measurements on those girders... total length, stem length and dia.. and pics please mate ;)

  2. I'll get my vernier out then mate.